"Konoba,8, Lerchenfelder Strasse 66-68 (929 4111 / Tram 46.
Open 11am-2pm, 6pm-midnight Mon-Fri, Sun; 6pm-midnight Sat.
Main courses €5.80-€18.90.Credit MC, V.
Once again it’s down to the Croats to supply Vienna with affordable fish and seafood. In a pleasant setting of stripped-wood and po-mo ventilation ducts, Konoba imports a refreshing taste of the Dalmatian coast with dishes such as the hefty buzara - mussels in a potent wine, garlic, olive oil and parsley sauce. Garlic sometimes overpowers superbly grilled sea bass and bream, but the edge can be removed by downing plenty of fruity Dalmatian whites such as Laski Rizling and Dingac.